Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrating Ivy + Bean Day Together for the 2nd Year

We were so excited when it was time for Chronicle Book's Ivy + Bean Day this year. Our very first connection for Two Libraries One Voice was last year when we celebrated Ivy + Bean Day together with our second graders at Oak Brook and Van Meter. You can watch our Animoto videos from last year here....

This year we planned to celebrate with our first and second graders.

We signed up on Chronicle Book's Web site to see all of their amazing activity and celebration ideas.

They also sent us a little package with posters, pins, and activity packet.....we loved this!

All throughout the week we celebrated with our students. We set up a few stations within our libraries. In one station they had to design their very own "Ivy Room." In book 1, Bean is amazed by Ivy's bedroom. We had them use a drawing app on the iPads to create their very own dream room too.

They created cootie catchers in one of the stations. You can find the directions and template here.

Out students had a blast creating fancy Newspaper Party Hats.

On Friday, we connected our first graders during a Skype Ivy + Bean party!

John's first graders practiced a short play called What a Scream throughout the week. They gave a wonderful performance during our party.

Next, we played Picture Book Month Bingo. Since we are also celebrating picture books during November, we thought it would be fun to integrate that into our party by creating a Bingo game to play together.
We all had a GREAT time finding our favorite picture book characters on our Bingo cards.
Our others classes also had fun playing Bingo as well.
We had a SUPER time celebrating Ivy + Bean Day.

We hope you did too.


At November 21, 2011 at 5:23 AM , Blogger diane said...

Oh, to be in second grade at one of your schools! These are simple activities with a lot of impact: the students will remember this day and these characters for a long time :-)

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