Saturday, June 11, 2011

Presenting Our Summer Reading Program on TL Cafe

On Monday, June 6th we were guests on TL Cafe.  We were invited to talk about our Summer Reading Program we have developed for our students at Brook Forest and Van Meter schools.

As the TL Cafe Wiki states, "The TL Cafe is committed to creating transformative conversations about teacher-librarians, educational technology, and collaborative connections to facilitate meaningful and lifelong learning skills."  We were very excited to share our story and project with others.

On the Summer Reading page on the TL Cafe wiki you can find important links and information. 

The Elluminate archive of the session is posted at the top of the wiki.  

This is the Two Libraries, One Voice Google Presentation that we created collaboratively.  The links to our wiki, promotional Animoto video, Webpage summer resources sites, school Web site pages and other artifacts are included in the presentation. Please feel free to share this with others for summer reading programs and ideas.

Thank you for following us as our summer reading program begins.  

We look forward to sharing our story throughout the summer of how, where, and what our students and school communities are reading and writing.  

It is definitely going to be one summer we will all remember.