Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. Schu!

Today on Bookmark's, The First Book Blog, a bunch of John's friends wished him a very Happy 30th Birthday!

Erica Perl wrote the post Happy Birthday, Mr. Schu.  And the incredibly FUN YouTube video, with lots of special Happy Birthday wishes from authors and friends was included too.

I have known John now for almost a year.  He is one of my dearest friends, my teaching partner, and mentor.  And there is no one that I know that celebrates literacy more than him.

So lets all wish him the very best of birthdays by donating to First Book in his name.  

Happy 30th Birthday John!  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

We Are Excited To Be NEW FableVision Learning Ambassadors!

We love this statement found on Fablevision's blog The LiveWire. These are all qualities that we hope to bring to our library and instill in the students and teachers we work with every day.

So when Terry Shay, Lead Ambassador for FableVision Learning, asked us to be part of the Fablevision family this last week by being FableVision Learning Ambassadors, we were thrilled!
Peter H. Reynolds and his wonderful team at FableVision Learning are committed to helping all learners reach their full potential.

As the FableVision Learning site states, "We're on a mission to make every classroom a center of innovation and creativity. Our software, professional development, and films help teachers inspire kids to develop essential 21st century skills and move their lives, and world, to a better place."

We would like to start out our FableVision Learning Ambassadorship by sharing some of our favorite FableVision resources with you.
Through the amazing books Peter writes and illustrates.....
to the software that Fablevision Learning creates...
to the educational resources from free classroom mini-posters, FableVision clip art, 17 Tips for a Creative Life-Long Learning Journey, a guide to Sparking the Creative Spirit....there is something for everyone to make a difference in a child's life.
The LiveWire Blog is a great place to read about all the wonderful happenings, thoughts, new books and resources from FableVision Learning.
FableVision Learning Place is a website your students will LOVE to visit. There is a library, post office, school, cafe, Fable TV, Fable Museum, Fable Radio and more.
On The North Star page you can read the story, share, and find wonderful activities to go along with this book.
On September 15, 2011 we will be celebrating International Dot Day together and with others around the world. Peter's classic book THE DOT was released on September 15, 2003. THE DOT has inspired readers to "Make your mark and see where this will take you." This will be a special day to celebrate one of our favorite books and also the unique qualities of all of us and impact we have on the world.

When Shannon was in Boston a few weeks ago for November Learning BLC Conference, she attended a reception that Peter and his colleagues hosted at FableVision Studio. It was so inspiring to see the studio, meet other authors and creative developers, and of course visit with Peter, his brother Paul, and the lovely Nicole Maher again. She met them all at ISTE in Philadelphia earlier in the summer so it was nice to catch up.
So as we head into this new adventure and a brand new school year, we hope to spread the same things that Peter and FableVision do each day.

Let your students be heard. Let them create. Let them make their mark on the world. Let them be themselves.

That is how you can make a difference in the lives of children, teachers, families and the world.

And just as this beautiful poster says....."Working together we can make this the best year yet!"

You can follow FableVision Learning on Twitter at @FableLearn and the FableVision Learning Facebook page.